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Challenging Relationships, Grieving, Bullying or Abuse

What Help Is Available for Adults Dealing With Relationship Challenges, Grieving, Bullying or Abuse?

How can behavioral health resources to help adults cope with bullying and stress?

There are many behavioral health resources that can be utilized by adults to help them cope with bullying and relationship stress.

Professionals in the field recommend speaking with a professional counselor about how to start coping with or overcoming instances of workplace, school, or other types of bullying.

Seeking help from a professional counselor, a psychiatrist, or a mental health specialist could help an individual cope with bullying, relationship stress or abuse.

There are many mental health resources that exist to help adults cope with stress.  One of these is the Mental Health America organization.

Another resource is SAMHSA , or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, this organization provides treatment referrals for adults who may be struggling with bullying or other types of relationship stress.  

Professionals at PATH can help too. Contact one of our clinics to schedule and appointment.